Please Stop Zimbabwe's Tears

Chinhoyi 2001

Words of hatred and of rage
Scroll so slowly down the page.
Despair is screamed in every word
But tell me……. Has anybody heard?

Reports of Death! Horror! Pain!
Injury! Assault to maim!
Torture and Terror beyond our Fears!
Will someone Please Stop Zimbabwe's Tears!

With darkened hearts, they raise their knives
No cost at all for human lives!
How I wish my pen could take away
The sheer terror that You know each day!

Filled with despair - head in hand.
What will become of this once promised land?
Powers of the World unite!
Please end this maddening fight!

I've called the Premier with my views!
Written to the daily news!
The Silence Roars - they just don't care!
You see, the Violence isn't even near!

Won't someone speak to stop this pain?
For no one will ever gain
A victory, peace or prize
In a world of Hatred -Terror - Lies!

I Scream!! - My voice seems silent too
Won't Someone Do Something - Please Do!
Write the final chapter, verse or page
Won't Someone please put out the rage!


© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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