Spinning Spiral

The spiral ever spins in circles round and round….
Going nowhere - nothing found -
Lives are lost and futures broken.
Though words are written and words are spoken
Nothing helps you any more
As you fight this senseless war!
Flames burn in your heart -
And blaze across the land.

They signed that they wont break to rule of law…..
So tore them up and wrote some more!
This evil monster has you by the hand
Controls your lives with his delinquent band!!
Wont someone please be strong and say
To this dictator, "You've had Your day!"
Your time has come to answer to
Those who once believed that you
Would change their lives and give them Gold
And Houses, Cars, Land, - Fortunes untold!

The cupboard is empty, the shelves are bare!
The country burns, smoke hangs in the air!
Sadness fills every face
Destruction and terror in every place.
No more Tears left to Weep
Thousands have no place to sleep!
This rampant spiral of descent - will it ever cease to spin?
For in this insane place, no one can ever win!

© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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