Smell the smoke - hear the drums!

I close my eyes. I hear the sound.
My heart skips a beat - starts to pound.
Voices outside, the sound of angry feet.
A call from the dark - drums! - The beat!

A cowed dog howls and a rock is thrown.
They've come again to take his home.
The stench of smokes creeps through the doors,
Cling to his hair, his clothes, his pores.

A man should be safe in his home at night.
Yet here he stands - prepared to fight.
The shouts of anger and of so much hate -
What will become this brave man's fate?

Angry threats fuelled by the flame
of greed and lust and hate - insanity's another name!
Flames dance brightly in the cold night sky….
A glint of steel - time ticks so slowly by…..

He's called for help but no one came.
Police have said he has no claim.
The trouble's not theirs - it's not their fight.
Endless hours pass through this night.

Destruction and hate now fill this place.
Terror. Fear. Despair - on every face.
Outside the din begins to grow
Rocks pelt the roof, smoke seeps through the window.

His children whimper in the dark
A frightened dog begins to bark.
Alcohol and drugs seem to take control
Madmen now become more bold!

The call for blood is on their lips,
Russian weapons on their hips…..
Sanity has finally given way
To chaos and madness controlling every single day.

I open my eyes - the vision leaves
Wind gently rustles the tall gum trees.
I'm safe in my world - my new home -
But my heart and my prayers are for You alone!


© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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