This silver circle

A silver circle once his pride and joy
Now a discarded madman's toy
Lies in the ruins, the roof is gone and so is the door
There's no love, no peace here any more.

Dreams and Lives are shattered and broken
Left behind - a forgotten token
Of another time - at this place
With echoes of laughter - a smiling face….

Terror has called and left its' mark
No longer cowards who steal in the dark….
In their numbers they take what's yours
Not just possessions - the rooves the doors!

Destruction, Desecration, Desolation!
What's become of this once proud nation?
Silence fills the empty shell
Burnt out ruins - on earth - this hell

Has destroyed his home - his sanctuary
Where once man could live - be safe and free!
A life of Terror, Fear and Courage now
Wage a war - but who will bow?

Will he be strong and return to his land?
Or will rule be by the dictator's hand"
This silver napkin ring, spoiled and left
Behind may light the spark - be the gift

Of life - the Fire to return and build again,
What was built in his father's name.
To build for tomorrow, to bury to-day
To have the courage to stand and stay.

They've destroyed his house and his life
Attacked his staff and beaten his wife
Broken his heart and shaved head bare -
Yet still he'll stay because he'll care!

This silver circle abandoned and left
Once a symbol, a special gift,
Now dusty and dirty remains behind
For someone - somewhere to cherish the find.

It is all that is left of a life now gone.
The battle's been lost - but the war not won!
For this Man's African - through to the bone!
You can destroy his house - but not his home.

For his home is the land, the bush, the sky
Home is the beauty seen through his eye!
The warm African sun, velvet nights
Summer storms and camp fire lights.

The silver ring tells it all…
Listen……can you hear it call?
It's scratched and dented and needs repair
But It will stay - you see He belongs right here!

© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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