The Umtali Show - 1970

I'd roamed the halls and seen displays,
first prize cakes and flower sprays.
Artists' work upon the walls
Even visited Produce stalls.

Walked with friends and spent some time
Watching horses prance in time
Show jumping always at its' best,
Great to watch when we stopped to rest.

Then out of the corner of my eye
A familiar sight - what a surprise!
Taller than life in suit and tie -
I just knew - just knew I had to say, "Hi".

"Excuse me Sir", my voice sounded so far away…
I lost the words that I had to say.
He turned to me, but, before he could speak -
Another gruff voice, "Go away little girl - huh, what a cheek!"

Misty eyed, I turned to walk
And then I heard the great man talk -
"Don't send her away, how can I help you my dear?"
It all seemed so right, my voice now clear.

"Mr. Smith, may I have your autograph please?"
There was jelly in my legs - I'd lost my knees!
He signed his name in my little book.
So now when I turn the page and look

I remember a day long ago
When I visited the Umtali Show


© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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