The Rhodesian of old

Not long ago, we stood alone and strong.
Africa or Home - Where we belong
No fear in our eyes, or doubt in our heart.
Forever ready - in history - to take our part.

We knew without doubt what was wrong and right.
For our beliefs, our lives, we'd stand and fight.
With mates at our side we fought and survived,
Never once forgetting those who'd died.

Fear once again screams and rips
Into our hearts, not reaching our lips…..

The victor who took our name back then
Now dares us to say "Remember when….."
Reality wakes with the Zimbabwean dawn
Our history - our sanity not ours to mourn.

Where is the Courage - the belief what is Right?
For what we believe - do we stand and fight?
Eyes are dim with despair so cold…….
Where is the African ? The RHODESIAN of old!

© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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