Rhodesia's the Name

Too tired to fight, to weary to run -
Forgotten summers in the African Sun
Come gently knocking at memory's door.
Memories of sunny days - a childhood no more!

A childhood spent at Bishopslea
Boarding school !! Please set me free!!
The teenage years - Umtali called -
On to UGHS - Oh! What a ball!

Tall hills of Christmas Pass and Tigers Kloof
Life was safe - who needed proof!
Marymount College - girls private school
Became the Army's training tool.

Daily the choppers flew overheard
Too easily we learnt to live with dread.
Boys became men before their time -
Exploding - Killing - Death - Land mine!

Everyone did their best back then
No one said "Remember when…."

Those days are gone - another time
Now there are new challenges and hills to climb.
We left the land where we were born and raised -
Familiar views upon which we gazed.

A new life to start - a book to write -
Peace at last - safe beds at night!
New challenges to face - To start again -
Yet in my heart, " Rhodesia's the Name"

Pam Crowther

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