Over the edge and down the gorge
No dreams no future here to forge
The darkness smothers all dreams and plans.
You're a refugee in your own land.
The world is deaf - no one hears
Or is it just that no one cares?

Yet long ago you stood and fought
For what was right - what you were taught.
The world cried, "Shame!"
"Change your ways and change your name!"
Give up your future, your life and generation!
Then the world's eyes were on your Nation!

Now they look the other way
And they have no words to say.
The pain is worse than ever before -
After - or during the "freedom" war!
The Terrorist now wears suit and tie -
In motorcades he drives on by.

Larger than life, so evil and bold
Adorned in medals, silver and gold!
Whilst you battle each day to live
Your life, dig deep to find more to give.
You've no where to go, nowhere to turn….
With heavy heart you watch your nation burn.

The rest of the world has other views
As they get caught in their daily news.
Their fight is pictured from page to page,
Yet no one hears Zimbabwe's Rage.
More people are homeless, hurt and die…..
But no one cares - life passes by.

Mr. Bush, Mr. Howard, Mr. Blair
It really is time for you to hear!
Listen to what's happening to this nation -
Destruction! Terror and Desecration!
Stop this madness soon before….
Too late! Its' become another war!

Millions go hungry, they have no home
Together on this planet - so alone!
There's no tomorrow - no to-day,
No one to stand and lead the way.
The light is dim, the tunnel long.
Where do these people all belong?

They belong in Africa, it is their home.
Born to die here - all alone!
The sky their roof, for they have none
The war with terror once more begun.
Terror now rules with a mighty hand!
Terror covers all the land.

No corner safe. No life secure
Once again consumed by war.
Torture and terror now in every place.
Seen daily etched in every face.
We need your help we need your hand
To bring peace to this promised land!
Let the people be as one!
One land, one people under the African Sun!

© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

This page last modified on Thursday, 25 October, 2001