Pictures in the Paper

She sent me picture from the papers
Desperate souls with wretched faces
A bloodied body, prone on the floor.
Their lives destroyed, their world at war!
Silent eyes stare from the page
Reflect their grief and bloody rage.
These emotions combine as one
When I read what has been done.
Not just to this man, his dog and men
But to their land - and their will to start again.
My heart is sore and my eyes fill with tears-
Yet I cannot comprehend their fears.
My life is changed since I 'took the gap'
My home now different on the map.
I fold the pages up again
Yet I know that life is not the same
For those people in this news report -
Their daily struggle their last resort
each day a battle to just survive
for food and shelter to stay alive.
The future is bleak - no end in sight
To end this seeming endless night.
Their story's written to tell us all -
A plea for help, a frightened call.
But what can be done from so far away?
I read the pages and pause to pray…..

© Pam Crowther

This page last modified on Monday, 14 October, 2002