In my throat - a Silent Scream
Of Horror and Disgust - for sights not seen!
I've read your words - I know they're true -
Of what this devil has done to you!
The Death, the Fear, the Terror, the Blood and Pain
It's back - again and again and again!
Won't someone please turn on the light
Please end this bloody, endless night!
This Hell, this spiral of Hate and Desire
Continues to burn in Hell's endless fire.
The nightmare doesn't end - It's just the same
The Rape, The Murder, The Beatings, The Pain!
Each Day is worse than the dawn before!
Your soul screams! You can take No More!
The Devil on the stage - So bold and proud!
Adorned by medals, he boasts out loud.
Promises to uphold the law and serve You well -
Yet he confines you to this living hell
Of Death and Hunger, Torture, Pain and Fear
Everything lost - Terror constant and near!
Your world turned mad - no longer sane -
ZIMBABWE - Hell by another name!

© Pam Crowther
March 2002

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