Flame Lily

Wandering along Australia's sun drenched dunes,
In my mind, hum long forgotten tunes
From a life time ago - another land and time -
When I belonged to Africa - and She was mine!

Gazing out at the Blue Pacific waves,
Nostalgia sweeps over - forgotten days.
I hear the wind in the scarlet Msasa leaves -
But feel on my skin, the warm sea breeze.

No eagles here, but seagulls fill the sky
No jackals at night, yet dingoes wander by
Koalas and possums are unique wild game
And other strange creatures - it's just not the same!

Then on a dune - a sea of brilliant red, and gold and green!!!
A Vision of beauty - a fondly remembered dream!
My heart skips a beat, my mouth turns dry -
For Africa has come to me, as I walk on by!

Scarlet petals reach for the heavens above -
A symbol of all that I long for - my special love!
Emerald green tendrils of vine holding firm
To the dune grasses and growing onto another in turn.

This symbol of Africa, is at home so far away.
It grows and thrives, has adapted to stay.
The Flame Lily now helps support this foreign land.
How did it arrive - by whose hand?

So too we must change and grow,
Share with others what we love and know.
Adapt to suit our new world and ways -
Look forward to another future - other ways.


© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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