Fields of Flame

Fields of Flame burn across the land
Destruction torched by the Villain's hand
Not content to destroy your home….
To lay claim to all You own.
He's driven by lust, insanity and greed -
All under the banner "Oh! To be free!"
What will make him stop and listen -
To realise after it is all gone and missing,
When nothing's left - no more to steal
Who will provide his daily meal?
When his children are sick - tell me where
Will he go for medical care?
Where will his children go to school?
There are none ! Destroyed by this Fool!
The shops have closed - the grocery store
Has no food to sell here any more.
No money to spend - no work to do
Fields of Fire have done this to You!
The land's burned Black, now Barren and Bare.
Yet the Villain doesn't care.
He's been promised - told land is a right -
He's told just to take - and if need fight!
Don't work for what you want or need
Take enough to satisfy your greed!
So the Flames burn in your field of dreams
I wonder what it really means…….


© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther

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