9th August 2002

Their filthy frayed flag flutters and you wonder why
This time has come, to say good bye.
Your life's work gone, your home and soul…
The future holds nothing, it's a begging bowl
It's empty and cracked contains just fear -
No food to eat, no shoes to wear
Bare soles and souls are all that's left
Of God's once most precious gift.
Shattered lives ……and dreams all disappear,
Replaced with horror and sickened fear.

So turn you back and walk away,
The time not now to stand and stay
And contemplate what might have been -
Of beauty and prosperity often seen
In the fields of maize, and crops and beast
Of Sunday's roast and sumptuous feasts.
Of schools and hospitals that once were
Always accepted - always there.
This life, this time has now come to an end
No bridges to build, or fences to mend.

Your tears for Africa fall on dusty soil
No longer yours to love and toil
The sunset not yours, the peace that was.
They've taken it from you just because
Of who you are -you're no longer wanted here.
Through your heart they've driven fear
Beaten and bruised, broken and sore
You're not allowed here anymore!!

You're African, ………. yes
But also a member of the human race!
So don't be afraid to start again…..
No…things will never be the same….
Another place, another name and way…
But the sun will shine another day
Dig deep in side and start once more!
Someone will open another door.
You'll step inside and learn to grow
Learn to live again and know

Peace and happiness, love and pride
It's all still there, deep inside.

9th August 2002,
© Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther