Cry A Beloved Country....

Your grandeur and majesty transcend all affliction
Such freshness of creation in its purest form.
Rolling hills inundated with luscious colour.
Waterfalls resemble the purity of bridal gowns.
Tones of serenity mirror every inspiration.

Each day presenting an immaculate miracle,
Ever the changeless, and yet so distinct.
Your ambiance filters through with the awakening of the sun.
Breathing auras to images of perfection.
Gardens explode with cascades of colour.

Homes exhibit their uniqueness,
Owners pride in enhancing their surroundings.
Taking advantage of the privileges bestowed by their country,
Relaxing beside the rivers, picnicking at the Lakes.
appreciating the opportunity to play every sport under the sun, throughout the year.

No seasons to prevent, no weather to hinder.
Luxury is this life yet down comes the country,
Crying at every turn, anger sweeps the land.
So bountiful, yet so baren.
Goodbye precious country, I bid you farewell........

Once there was security to roam without a care,
Now we exercise precaution as we move about.
Children cry out in hunger,
Their tears so bitter and harsh.
Parents driven by hunger loot the land.

Oh to mend this despair,
Where will we go, what will we do?
How can we say goodbye
To this land that has become our spirit, our very being.
Will we leave, never to return?

Searching for answers, amidst the confusion.
Decisions ever pending why?
A land so full of splendour,
Fallen through greed and lust.
Cry beloved country............. We can do no more.

By Anita Zansz

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