Petrol Queues

I parked in a queue some two hundred cars long
The chap just in front of me was humming a song
We'll be alright just you wait and see
In the meantime there's shade under that tree.

The minutes ticked on into an hour
By the end of the second my spirits were sour
When the third one passed I was fast asleep
Dreaming of rain and swimming polls deep.

My shirt was soaked, my pants as well
My socks gave off an unpleasant smell
Another hour slipped slowly by
I awoke when I heard a loud voice cry.

"The pumps are open, we'll be on our way
With petrol enough to last a day"
And so it was and that very same night
I awoke again at dawn's first light.
Drove to a petrol station up on the hill
And started again the very same drill.

I haven't slept for many a night
Tossing and turning as if in a fight
For sinners who fear the torture of hell
Be of good cheer for hundred will tell
That if you can survive three or four petrol queues
That hot place down under might be even good news.

From the collection - RHODESIAN REVERIE
Memories by Robert Heinrich Percival Cornell
Contributed by his grandson Rob Staniland
Email : Rob