Jacaranda Time

Soon the first blossoms begin to appear
Some where in the Fourth Street though it's not really clear
Then tree after tree in the Avenues so neat
Burst into flower in the hot October heat.

In Cecil Square where the fountains play
Purple blossoms flutter in glorious array
On the corner close by bunches of colourful flowers
Attract weary shoppers for hours and hours.

I stood on the Kopje and looked over the town
Far away and all around
A sight to remember for everywhere
Purple Jacarandas coloured the Summer air.

Tree after tree in the avenue and street
Show their deepest purple where white clouds and blossoms meet
The purple blossoms with flats and houses blend
A feast of beauty so colourful and rare
Filled one with wonder at the City so fair.

A high wind and a shower of rain
Produce a purple carpet once again
As the blossoms fall to clothe the damp earth
From which the parent trees were given birth.

Oh lovers of beauty raise up your banners
In tribute to the City's early planners
For to them and to nature we are ever in debt
For as magnificent a picture as the gods ever set.

From the collection - RHODESIAN REVERIE
Memories by Robert Heinrich Percival Cornell
Contributed by his grandson Rob Staniland
Email : Rob