Time To Say Good-bye

It was almost time to say good-bye
The last few minutes before they fly
Away from the country of senseless strife
To peaceful land to build a new life.

The children were excited, their mother in tears
As we laughed and joked to hide our own fears
That years could pass before we could see them again
The cross we bear who are forced to remain.

All around parents and many a friend
In nervous laughing groups tearfully blend
Thousands have left, thousands more leave sadly
Seeking a new life they welcome so gladly.

The final call to depart comes through
The last embraces, tears and kisses too
We joined the crowds who climbed the stairs
And waved good-bye with silent prayers.

For a safe flight to "way down under"
While many a heart was breaking asunder
"They'll be back" I heard some say
But I doubt if we'll live to see that day.

For while they love their Rhodesia old
A new life for them is about to unfold
Where they and their children can live without hate
While others may suffer a different fate.

From the collection - RHODESIAN REVERIE
Memories by Robert Heinrich Percival Cornell
Contributed by his grandson Rob Staniland
Email : Rob