They Northward rode across the land,
Mopani forest , scrub and sand.
Young troopers far from Englands green
To take a land few yet had seen.
For Queen, for country and for law
Set to inspire a sense of awe
And friend and fioe alike amaze
For these were Englands glorious days.

And when that century had died
There followed on a force of pride
The B.S.A.P. had had it's birth
And now was still to prove its worth.
Across Rhodesia's varied lands
They held the reins in steady hands.
Kept the peace, upheld the law
Until there came unwanted war.

We fought to keep what had been won
So little time, so little done.
To none our faults could we atone
None at our backs we stood alone.
With courage, honour, sense of pride
Black and white stood side by side.
As did those troopers long before
With fortitude our role we bore.

We saw as they, Zambesi's dawn
The noble sable, lions yawn.
Watched the jumbo's ponderous tread
The spiralled horns of kudu's head.
The brilliant flash of blue jay's flight
The flying ants round camp fire light.
The fleet impala make its run
The glorious sight of setting sun.

But in an ever changing scene
Where time erases what has been
We watched a land revert and change
To values we considered strange.
But all of us can feel with pride
The comradeship nought can deride
And in our hearts know what is meant
Each time we toast "The Regiment".

Dave Blacker
Email : cacdgb@BREMNER.UCT.AC.ZA

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