Rhodesia My Home

I'm lost, afraid and so alone,
So far from the land that I call home.

I had to leave and go away,
There was no way for me to stay.

I'm surrounded by strangers each new day.
People I know are so far away,

I exist in this place but I don't belong,
It's for the beauty of Africa I long.

The diamond sparkling of sunshine on dew,
Where summer lasts the whole year through.

I dream of the paths I used to roam,
I long for the paradise that was my home.

Rolling mountains far and wide,
Sheltered caves in which to hide.

Winding roads to who knows where,
How I wish I was going there.

Mountain streams so crystal clear,
Their trickling tune I long to hear.

Rows of trees on mountains high,
I miss the way they kiss the sky.

Birds that sing in the tops of trees,
They sing their songs to rustling leaves.

Oh how I wish that I was there,
And how I wish someone would care.

For my home that's been destroyed,
For all the lives left in a void.

All that I can hope and pray,
Is that sanity will prevail someday,

And that all Rhodesian's can return,
To their home for which they yearn.

Sandy Botha
E Mail - sandy@design-a-gift.ie

© Sandy Botha 2003
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