Cape Town-My Adopted Home

Table Mountain standing high,
So majestic against the Cape Town sky.
Table Bay so wide and blue,
How I miss the sight of you.
Boulders beach where penguins play,
The perfect place to spend the day.
Cape Point juts out to the sea,
I've stood on the cliffs and felt so free.
Winding roads on mountains high,
Clear cool streams that flow close by.
Rolling waves that kiss the shore,
Seagull cries as above they soar.
Sandy beaches far and wide,
Waves on which the surfers ride.
Children flying kites with ease,
On the crisp cool Cape Town breeze,
Ceres Mountains stand so high,
Snow-capped against the winter sky.
Seasons they will come and go,
It's all part of the Capes beauty show.
This was home for just a while,
And when I think of it I always smile.
For the friends that I made there,
For the good times we had to share.
These are friends I can't replace,
And memories not even time can erase.
I wish I could have grown old there,
I wish we'd had more time to share.
But I knew that I had to depart,
And I did so with a heavy heart.

Sandy Botha
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© Sandy Botha 2003
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