The Land of Zampopo

What's in a name I hear you ask, please may I then take you to task.
When it comes from your history, it forms a part of you and me.
To hang each little memory on, makes a land proud and strong.
As cricket teams have a name, makes a people play the game.
For all of us it is not easy, to forget the land south of the Zambezi.
Fought a war in her name, even played the cricket game.

There came brave men from over the sea, to look for gold and form the country.
From naught it's growth was very slow, this land north of the Limpopo.
Conquered the sickness created farms, and even had to take up arms.
Tilled the soil with loving care, brought in crops that were not there.
Built up towns where there were none, reduced the hardships every one.
Hospitals to treat the frail, transport system run on rail.

Western boundary desert sand, in beautiful Matabeleland.
On the east a mountain ridge, winters cold as a fridge.
But I'll concede what's in a name, the land will still be the same.
Good Government the people's heart, makes a country stand apart.
As Rhodesia she surely grew, this you have to give her due.
Now she's called Zimbabwe, same land same boundary.

If people chose their government right, she will overcome her present plight.
With all the murder toil and strife, she's really earned the right to life.
Come back into the world fold, will take a government very bold.
What with the will of all the folk, they can break the present yoke.
For the people and the land, deserve better than the current band.
A chance of real growth to sow, in the wonder land of Zampopo.


Written by Pete Barlow 10/01/2001
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