The Great Zambezi

Quiet river of great length, the quietness belies the strength.
From the flood plain moving down, sometimes clean sometimes brown.
Bobbing dugouts nets outstretched, the river's flowing from the northwest.
Slowly surging turning east, becomes a very different beast.
Rushing along at a quicker pace, fallen debris joins the race.
Moving faster it pushes on, eager now to plunge headlong.

Into the breach of the Victoria falls, trapped between shear rock walls.
Angry now aggression plain, boiling swirling quite insane.
Speeding wildly to the north, surging splashing back and forth.
Swirling back toward the south, hunting searching for a way out.
Steam is raised from it's sweat, land around constant wet.
Now it's free rushing away, for many miles see the spray.

Hurry away down the gorge, nothing stops it's forward forge.
Slowing now it's anger spent, but if it's trapped will again vent.
Anger harnessed behind Kariba wall, it can rise and conquer all.
Control the anger was mans plan, that's the reason they built the dam.
Drive the turbines at their will, aggression released at the spill.
Angry growling falling down, sends vibrations through the ground.

Hurtling down the gorge it goes, seething twisting in death throes.
Sucking spraying over rock, it's in for another rude shock.
Cahora Bassa's in it's path, use it's power spend it's wrath.
Now it races from the wall, hissing spraying rise and fall.
Slowing then it bubbles and swirls, like the sound of laughing girls.
Slower still in delta wide, to destroy itself upon the tide.


Written by Pete Barlow 09/01/2001
Email : Pete Barlow