Whenwe were young and brave, we so tried our land to save,
For rule of law fought so long, knowing well right from wrong.
Whenwe fought to keep her free, Rhodesia had a strong economy.
Though we spent much on arms, product came from the farms.

Whenwe lived up north, 'twas fuel to travel back and forth.
Holiday taken at the sea, then back to our country.
Whenwe had sanctions rough, made the people very tough.
When short of foreign currency, people used their ingenuity.

Whenwe had a braai, you really ought to our sudza try.
Topped off with our special mix, it is sure your hunger to fix.
Whenwe had surprise party's, sure got through the chibullis.
For parties at the farmers hall, spit braai there to welcome all.

Whenwe made a special dish, from our Kariba tiger fish.
Pickled first, smoked or braaied, also perfect simply fried.
Whenwe couldn't get to the lake, we'd still have fish on our plate.
All the dam's had plenty bream, never ending it would seem.

Whenwe grew maize in Rhodie there, it towered way up in the air.
Cattle men knew their stuff, making sure of food enough.
Whenwe did tobacco farm, cured it all in a barn.
We grew crops to export wide, now it may all subside.

Written by Pete Barlow 16/01/2001
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