The Valley

Standing on the southern side, look over valley very wide.
To the north stands the Train, on it falls a column of rain.
The mountain that I stand upon, Muvuradona I have known for long.
Looking into the haze of infinity, the other side I try to see.

Way below like thread of silver, flows the great Zambezi river.
Hot breeze comes off the valley floor, carries with it a lions roar.
Mucumbura on the stream, edged by many trees of green.
Shelter from the valley heat, ground so hot it burns your feet.

Mushumbi Pools west of here, another place that I hold dear.
Mapani forest stretch forever, all along the Hunyani river.
Kanyemba camp north of there, fish for hours without a care.
Cahora Bassa to my right, three hundred kilo's out of site.

Although this valley has seen many patrols, how many secrets does it still hold?
How many minerals under the ground, laying there still to be found?
I met the fathers of those living below, though it was many years ago.
I love this land and it's people, the bush my home each mountain a steeple.

Written by Pete Barlow 16/02/2001
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