The Real Trust of a Friend

Now early in my Joel, I stop and think of school

'Twas an influential time, Full of dreams so fine

Hankering longingly to go, Into the world to sow

Our intricate plans for life, Blinded of any strife

Each our lessons to learn, And faults our fingers to burn

Year upon year some 60 or so, Completed the year some high some low

Free to each make our mistakes, Create self-inflicted heartaches

For none the future can see, How right or wrong one can be

In the directions we take, Meet people who are fake

No parenting practice allowed, But most of us are so proud

Of the children we create, The foolish risks we take

If only we all knew, That later there'd be few

We would treasure our friends, More quick to make amends

For things said that hurt, Rather then value and worth

The ties that we break, For some frivolous sake

But then this is the way, We bend and we sway

Forward and onward we go, But for life what is to show

Not possessions nor wealth, Often not even health

Not a land or a place, Your colour or race

The only measure in the end, Is the real trust of a friend


Written by Pete Barlow 25/04/2000 Durban
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