This little thing is such a treasure, giving her father so much pleasure.
Asking this and asking that, whilst did she on my lap sat.
So small blonde and thin, she did my heart climb in.
When she fell through the years, I tried to dry her little tears.
When to school she then goes, what she will be no one knows.
You teach her all you have to give, for her to use her life to live.

It was so hard to discipline, this lovely child so tall and thin.
Watching as she quickly grows, to blossom like a beautiful rose.
All her worries and her woes, as father you try to help with those.
With career plan I can say with glee, I'm glad she is what she chose to be.
There comes a time in life you know, when as father you must let go.
Now I know I am not wrong, cause she's grown up good and strong.

Written by Pete Barlow 04/01/2001
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