African Tranquillity

There are few places around, Where no crowds abound.
But if you are prepared to search, You'll find that one place on earth.
That finds a place in your heart, Right from the very start.
Where you could happily spend, Your life time to the end.

The peace you find in this place, Just slows the pace.
Lets the mind unwind, Tranquillity to find.
This wonderful space, Out of the rat race.
Can help keep you sane, Like gently falling rain.

If you help conservation ,Of this space in the nation.
It will be here for all time, For your children and mine.
To enjoy the peace, The stress to ease.
When the rush in their lives, Caused by work and contrives.

When you find this dream, Then help think of a scheme.
To preserve a place, For each and every race.
Maintaining the ability, To bring peace and tranquillity.
When it's clean and wild, But safe for a child.

Written by Pete Barlow 19/06/2000
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