You can sing it, you can shout it
But there is no doubt about it.
We are growing old,a time to behold.
The good times we've had, and never be sad.
Remember Remember
Forty years ago, time did pass so slow.
We were young and bold, no dream of growing old.
Many things we'd do, both me and you.
So much love to give, a whole life to live.
Remember Remember
Dreams we had I guess, of grand success.
No doubts we had, no time to be sad.
We would be so free, raise a family.
There would be no pain, with tears falling like rain.
Remember Remember
No longing for a place ,as we joined lifes race.
Finding out new things, forgetting old friends.
Our trust was so profane, life was a whole new game.
We had to bump our head, I guess it could be said.
Remember Remember
Had to feel some pain, sins of life to gain.
By the time we had learned, some bridges we had burned.
We've had much of our time, and were aging just fine.
For so much we can be glad, of the life we have had.
Remember Remember
When we stop to see, those with less than you and me.
There is few to regret, in the time we have yet.
Than that to be thankful for, and to plan for some more.
In the years that remain, would you have it all again.
Remember Remember
Just remember the best, and cast off the rest.
Treasure the memory, of the time that was free.
Remember the friends, try to make some amends.
Strengthen the ties you have, and share your love.
Remember Remember
Share and savour a memory, dont have an enemy.
Take time to remember, like kindling an ember.
Life is too short, to have a poor report.
Of the time you've had, it was not all that bad.
Remember Remember

Written by Pete Barlow 21/11/2000
Email : Pete Barlow