Thirst Land

Wave after wave it seems to be,
But desert sand and not the sea.
A real harsh land with little rain,
The sun beats down on every grain.
The absolute quiet is beyond belief,
A camel thorn gives welcome relief.

The midday heat too intense to bear,
It takes a special animal to live there.
They graze in the night before the dawn,
To avoid the heat from the early morn.
Then find some shade to rest the day,
Only Oryx can in the midday sun stray.

The land has it's beauty second to none,
But hostile to man with so much sun.
Lion pride's have famine or feast,
Cos antelope trek to the northeast.
Cheetah too have a difficult life,
Relying on their cunning to survive.

Eagle owl seems to get it right,
Doing it's hunting all at night.
Batteleur eagle waits on high,
Then hits his prey in the sky.
The Kalahari is a different land,
With so much life living in the sand.

Written by Pete Barlow 09/03/2001
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