The Lake

Sitting on the southern shore, I just wish to enjoy more
Of this peaceful situation, at the north end of the nation.
The sun is slowly going to bed, it paints the sky gold and red.
Turns the lake a silver gray, what a shame it will not stay.
Sinking further in the west, a fire orb on the crest.
Come the shades of black and gray, at the passing of the day.

Now the stars come out to light, the sky above through the night.
Reflected off the silver lake, the water makes them gyrate.
As I look east along the shore, how could I ever wish for more.
The moon is shining on the wake, as the waves upon the shore do break.
I look across toward the camp, see the twinkle of the tilly lamps.
Causing fiery spears across the bay, I wish that I could right here stay.

Splishing splashing in the water, hippo grunt sounds like laughter.
On the lake like little floats, bob the lights of fishing boats.
Jackal calls to his mate, they'll be hunting out till late.
Monkeys restless in the trees, chitter chatter then a sneeze.
Hyena and his laughing song, keeps it up all night long.
I see the coming of the day, Lord I wish the night would stay

Written by Pete Barlow 18/01/2001
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