Another African Sunset

We have seen it happen many times before, and again we will it loudly deplore.
The people placed their trust in those, who through the ballot to power rose.
The taste of power was so sweet, they did not dare to face defeat.
Armed the bandits and the thug, as they deeper into power dug.

Never met the promises that they made, the politicing was all charade.
Once in power what did it matter, they could then the people batter.
A few'll resist it for a short while, but wont overcome this militant style.
For there are many with a bullet or two, who for a price the dirty deeds do.

The disintigration will first be slow, it gathers pace and begins to show.
Those that were strong and vowed to stay, do their best then call it a day.
Then unemployment gathers in speed, all normal service has long gone to seed.
Goverment seeks scape goats galore, to blame for the complete breakdown in law.

The only option left in the land, is to make a choice for a military stand.
But history has shown us that a coup d'etat, has never got Africa very far.
Investment is over tourisim gone, this is now the nations swansong.
The disintigration is now quite complete, it's astounding a thirty year feat.

What happened to all the hopes of the folk, they've evapourated and gone up in smoke.
Why does it happen I beg please do tell, why all that was has now gone to hell.
The dreams of the people withered and died, gone is that beautiful African pride.
Hunger to hold power has caused the upset, as we see another African sunset.

Written by Pete Barlow 26/01/2001
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