Solo 4x4 Tour July 2001

When your heart and mind seek serenity, You will find it in the Great Kalahari.
Whilst preparations are never quite complete, I set off on this Solo 4x4 feat.
On the edge of a pan of desolation, My little camp in total isolation.
The moon comes up in a crystal sky, Looks down on me by my fire.

First light paints all a sullen grey, Sunrise gives colour to the day.
Birds and insects sing its praise, As I enjoy those early ray's.
Set off to drive from pan to pan, Across this vast bone dry land.
Springbok, Gemsbok so plain to see, But the cat family was not to be.

As day retreats before the night, The rising moon a stunning sight.
The solitude is quite sereal, I quietly sit hear and feel.
See lion spoor as I leave this place, But they are long gone without a trace.
Now travel north to get to Maun, Enjoyed the signposts for each farm.

Moremi gave me my first lion sighting, The dense forest was quite enlightening.
So much to see so little time, Rather a rooftop tent instead of mine.
A little scare at deep water crossing, Had my blood fairly frothing.
Back to Maun to dry things out, A casual morn before heading south.

On a Ghanzi farm I bedded down, Before going west to Windhoek town.
A bite to eat enjoying the sights, Then headed south before the night.
Traveled southwest over Remhoogte Pass, The Naukluft Mountain then down at last.
To Sesriem for a permit for Sossusvlei, Much still to do in this day.

The dunes down Tsauchab canyon quite a site, Must get out before last light.
Climb up out through the range of Zarisburg, To Maltahohe Nanania plateau and Uwe's heard.
Next morning the run to Mariental, With a constant horizon at ten miles.
Then south toward the Orange River, Road dead straight does not bend or quiver.

Some more star gazing on last night out, A land of contrast there is no doubt.
Already thoughts of another trip to plan, Through the tranquility of the Kalahari pans.
Although there is little and it's far apart, The Kalahari finds a place in your heart.
I will be back another time, Where moon over ghostly plains does shine.

Written by P. Barlow as a tribute to my brothers solo trip 13/08/2001.
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