Rhodesian Sky

As I lay and look up in the sky, Wispy clouds drifting by.
I dream of places far away, Wondering how other people stay.
A jet plane flies overhead, Distant places fill my head.
Imagine a cloud to be a ship, See me going on a trip.

As the sun sinks slowly in the west, That golden glow is the best
Clouds silver edges mountain like, Dream of going on a hike.
Slowly as the darkness comes, Distant thunder sounds like drums.
The lightening flashes across the sky, Silhouettes clouds billowing high.

Soon great rain drops falling down, Beating hard upon the ground.
Hail stones bouncing off the grass, Just as quick the storm has past.
Stars come out to greet the night, Milky way a ray of light.
The southern cross and pointers too, Guide the likes of me and you.

Radiant heat leaves the ground, Not a cloud to keep it down.
The moon from the east up doth creep, Most children now fast asleep.
Slowly the moon moves overhead, I resist the calling of my bed.
In the west it's sinking fast, The eastern sky is light at last.

Written by Pete Barlow 19/06/2000
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