Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Hear the birds and beetles sing.
Rhodesian seasons somewhat array, because the land is quite dry.
Summer rains in November come, Thunder storms and rivers run.
Great big clouds fill the sky, building billowing way up high.
Thunder rumbles across the land, lightening flashes close at hand.
Big drops of rain start to fall, soon the storm will give it's all.

Just as quick the storm is past, the sun is out just as fast.
Hear the streams and rivers run, steam rising from the sun.
Warmth and water for grass to grow, maize soon shooting row after row.
Soon the crops are standing tall, to provide food for one and all.
Land with swollen cobs of maize, pastures of grass for cattle to graze.
Many fruits hang on the trees, soon it's time to pick these.

Summers gone and winters here, a lovely time of the year.
It's time to make the winter feed, all the grass is going to seed.
A special feeling fills the air, nothing's changed but something's there.
Evenings cooler all is still, morning have a fair old chill.
Frost in places on the ground, when you walk a crackling sound.
Grass now turns to golden brown, leaves are falling all around.

The dry season is here again, it's summer but without the rain.
Crops are taken from the land, whirlwinds lifting up dry sand.
Hot muggy nights throughout the land, how much more can we stand.
October now still temperatures rise, now we gaze up in the skies.
All is quiet in the oppressive heat, as the sun down on the land does beat.
Fluffy tufts of cloud drift by, slowly building in the sky.

Written by Pete Barlow 20/12/2000
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