Rhodesian Scents

The smell of fresh rain on soil,
Of a pot of sadza on the boil.
The new leaves on Msasa trees,
Warm aroma of cattle on the breeze.
Of boiling coffee in the early morn,
The crisp fresh air at break of dawn.
Of newly ploughed virgin land,
The tassels on a good maize stand.

The sound as a city comes slowly awake,
Of the bush at first day break.
Happy children going to school,
Summer thunder storm then the cool.
Fish eagles cry from high above,
The soft cooing of a ringneck dove.
Of trickling water in a creek,
A bleating calf while it's still weak.

The sight of an eagle in full flight,
Of morning chasing away the night.
The first rays of the morning sun,
Of changing shades as day is done.
The forest right down in a vale,
Of lightening from a far off gale.
The farmers planting out new crops,
Of rays of colour through rain drops.

Written by Pete Barlow 13/08/2001
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