The River

Quietly flowing through the glen
Just a ripple now and then
Lipping lapping at the waters edge
A mother duck with her little fledge
Deflected by ripples the sun shines through
To the pebbles turning the water shimmering blue

Through the rocks it will now slide
Before it starts the downhill ride
Now the tumble and the spray
As it speeds on it's downward way
With rapid white water slides
And steep greasy wet sides

Sweeping down into a pool
That's quiet still and cool
The tall trees that surround
Water where fish abound
An antelope walks through
Grass that's covered in dew

Out into the bright sun
The narrow river will run
Through fairly flat land
Of grass and white sand
Many animals around now
It's the domestic cow

Between mans home
The river will roam
Picking up tons of silt
Man has no real guilt
Air filled with smog and soot
Chemicals the river doth pollute

The filth floats as a slick
This river delta is sick
With the surge of the tide
Leaving scum on the side
Diluted now into the sea
Responsibility of you and me


Written by Pete Barlow 20/06/2000
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