Mere members of the human race,
But we have known a special place.
We did grow up in a different way,
In a land where we wish we could stay.

Those that joined us adopted our ways,
Many that visited extended their stay's.
We loved the weather and loved the sun.
Outdoor and bush people every one.

We loved our sport loved our braai's,
Under those great Rhodesian skies.
A fun loving people friendly to boot,
Most enjoyed some meat to shoot.

We loved our fishing and to camp,
Along some lovely river bank.
We loved our dams and water sport,
We loved to make rather than import.

But now we are scattered across the earth,
Very far away from our place of birth.
We love a challenge and successful will be,
Whilst we prey for sanity in the land of Zimbabwe.

Written by Pete Barlow 10/07/2001
Email : Pete Barlow