Que Que

Between the rivers this little town grew, but of people there were few.
It served the Gaika with it's golden thread, there was gold under where you tread.
The Globe and Phoenix on the hill, made the town grow and fill.
The mining day's lasted many a year, the town folk had naught to fear.
Dutchmans Pool dam built to the north, trees and shrubs soon sprung forth.
With much iron ore in the ground, lightening storms were all around.

Steelworks built to the south, the hill becoming a yawning mouth.
More factories came from the steel to make, bringing people in it's wake.
Sebakwe Poort to the west, a great place for the folk to rest.
A great lake built in the east, Sebakwe made a fishing feast.
Further north Ingezi grew, water reservoir for industry new.
Sable's brought me there in sixty nine, you wont get me down a mine.

With houses spreading to the east, young folk came with much zest.
Though call-ups put a damper on, night life that was so much fun.
Twas in this town I met my wife, and settled down to married life.
A daughter here my wife gave to me, such a powerful memory.
The first home for the family, being part of a great community.
Que Que will always be for me, a strong part of my history.


Written by Pete Barlow 04/01/2001
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