A Vote For Peace

The blue of the sky, Everyone asking why,
The hunger for power, Turns a man so sour,

Causing pain and hurt, Not peace on earth,
The basic people are kind, Seeking peace of mind,

Jobs and food each day, And a reasonable pay,
Not the breakdown of law, And possible civil war,

That the world can be blind, To the fact he's lost his mind,
Throwing democracy aside, He's in for the ride,

For what was the war, If not peace as before?
Let good folk be strong, They are not wrong,

If it is peace you want, Then stand up in front,
Use your vote for peace, His tyranny to cease,

Those that are silent and wait, Will surely decide the fait,
Of a land OH' so beautiful, Governed by the people not a fool,

So that again at night, Enjoy the stars so bright,
With each home in the land, Finding peace in Gods hand.


Written by Pete Barlow 06/05/2000
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