OH' My Country

Oh' my country where have you gone,
Why for 90 years you were so strong.
The buildings and land are still there,
But all the people have this blank stare.
Where once there was laughter and smiles too,
Now it's a gaze of suspicion when they look at you.

Oh' my country why are you looking so sad,
On the face of the people that should be glad.
So very many years of so very many lives.
Given to build you up with so many contrives.
The principal's right that all men should be free,
But that is not a free face that's looking at me.

Oh' my country will Africa's politicians learn,
You can only have as much as you earn.
Making false promises may get them the vote,
But they need the ability to keep you afloat.
When will they learn the peoples needs to meet,
They should not feel comfort in that "servant's" seat.

Oh' my country how can you really come back,
To the growth and prosperity job creating track.
What with the brain drain you have suffered for long,
How can again they make your economy grow strong.
With all your beauty your tourism's in tatters,
Good governance and stability is the thing that matters.

Oh' my country on the eve of those elections 21 years ago,
Your total destruction has been rapid not slow.
Those that have left you know what they lost,
But many others have stayed at a most terrible cost.
Your beauty is in us for the rest of our lives,
God let it not die with us that it somehow survives.

Written by Pete Barlow 02/03/2001
Email : Pete Barlow