When I left school and went to work, I was just a little squirt.
A strong desire to work with beef, 'twas on a farm called Mapleleaf.
It was on the road from Norton, that took you through to Dorton.
On this farm I felt at home, never wished too far to roam.

Cairn was built to commemorate, World ploughing held on Kent Estate.
Community worked with pride, to cater for those from far and wide.
Such numbers were not expected, but we sure were not dejected.
Two days were such success, next day we cleaned up the mess.

Little village closely knit, nothing could the people split.
Worked together hand in hand, hard working farming band.
Recreation at the club, some played golf some in the pub.
Partied well I'll have you know, some even put on a show.

On the rise between the dams,
Norton village quietly stands.
The name coming from the rebellion,
That both black and white did die in.
In this land that's seen happyness and tears
During growth and war through the years.

Written by Pete Barlow 16/01/2001
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