Under the Mountain

There is this beautiful place on the Giarezi river,
Below a high mountain that makes you shiver.
For it's white rock peaks look like snow,
So high no normal being will over it go.
To travel west from where you are,
You would first travel north for far.

But if you take care and look at the sign,
A game path direct to the cliff will wind.
In this mountain there is this deep cave,
That you will enter into if you are brave.
Walk with care over the tumbled rock,
Just keep going for the pleasant shock.

Cause you have walked through into the light,
Through under that mountain to the other side.
Into a valley that I like to call my own,
A wonderful place of peace to be alone.
Umbrella trees form a pleasent glade,
With a carpet of fern in the shade.
Through the middle runs a bubbling brook,
You will tarry there once you've had a look.

Written by P. Barlow. 25/03/2001
Email : Pete Barlow