There is this flower that I hold so dear,
Because it brings my country oh so near.
Why that gold and red amongst the green,
Brings memories vividly back in scene.
Those things that unbeknown I closely hold,
Of a time when both country and folk were bold.

You find this flower in incredible places,
See the strange look on Rhodesian faces.
Look through their eyes into their heart,
As memory carry's them worlds apart.
Remembering things they thought they forgot,
Many years before the start of the rot.

We respected this flower and its little vine,
As it signified all that was strong and fine.
As English teams wear the rose on their chest,
The Flame Lilly's synonymous with Rhodesia's best.
So when you see it where ever you are,
Respect it for it's followed you far.

Written by Pete Barlow 04/06/2001
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