City of Mauve

I see the city's beauty in my mind, to it nature has been so kind.
On the sidewalk scent is strong, makes you smile as you walk along.
Carpet of mauve from wall to street, flowers popping under your feet.
On the breeze still more drift down, in every street throughout the town.

Lunch on a bench in Cecil Square, as you enjoy the fresh open air.
Watch the people come and go, then back to work you move real slow.
Reflected in windows all around, this mauve carpet on the ground.
Could our forefathers who planted them, have visualized it way back then.

Salisbury gardens off Second street, a fine place for folk to meet.
The miniature of Vic Falls, the doves and their laughing calls.
Salisbury Koppie and it's direction dial, from here you see for many a mile.
Warren hills the gliding club, a few good parties in the pub.

Balancing Rocks other side of town, how they stay there makes you frown.
Cranborne Barracks was a busy place, when the country a war did face.
In my minds eye I enjoy the view, then travel slowly up seventh avenue.
See the Prime Minister through the fence, on the right Governors Residents.

But of all these places in the city, I love the things that make it pretty.
Open spaces with smartly clipped lawn, streets all clean before the dawn.
I love this city so bright and clean, with many trees so big and green.
Then most of all what I love, is when the streets are painted mauve.

Written by Pete Barlow 28/02/2001
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