He is aloof with confidence, you can see it in his stance.
Laying quietly on his own, his branch could almost be his throne.
A guttural purr of contentment, then quick to show resentment.
The quiver of the upper lip, then quick down the tree does slip.

A graceful swagger through the grass, toward a water hole does pass.
He now moves forward slower, his whole body somewhat lower.
Suddenly he gathers speed, determination to succeed.
Racing now across the ground, animals flee all around.

His focus never falters, as his direction carefully alters.
Closing in on his prey, a piglet that from mom did stray.
Secures claws to get a hold, teeth sunk in before they rolled.
Suddenly the deed is done, happened with the setting sun.

He now heads back to his leer, holds the pig up in the air.
Moving with a steady stride, again aloof a certain pride.
Up the tree in one quick move, as if to the world his power to prove.
Careful to secure his meal, high up where no other can steal.

Only now will take his rest, with completion of his hunting quest.
Rests his head upon his paws, blood around those mighty jaws.
Restful sleep till the dawn, when he will awake and yawn.
To eat his meal at his leisure, to enjoy this one small pleasure.

Written by Pete Barlow 26/01/2001
Email : Pete Barlow