Kariba birth


Many years before the war, I traveled well below the shore.
Of the dam that was to become, the greatest manmade lake under the sun.
When Apex haulage trucks were used, to move the people so confused.
Above that line cut through the bush, every day another push.
Barry and his cat's were there too, to make the roads find water new.
The people they could not accept, this valley would meet a watery death.

Each day as the cat's started up, the noise did in this bush erupt.
Belching smoke rings above the trees, then crushing all the grass and leaves.
Drilling rigs put boreholes down, made a loud stamping sound.
Fine brown dust in the heat did rise, to coat my body and silt my eyes.
Men then came and hit in pegs, as what would be the waters edge.
Tires burst and engines boiled, as every day the eight trucks toiled.

Further down the valley rift, men did pour the concrete swift.
A coffer dam across half the space, to aid them in the building race.
But as the people said would happen, Munyami would their spirits dampen.
With the rains a flood came down, turned the swirling water brown.
Breached the wall halted the task, angered the gods the people asked.
Slowly then the levels dropped, with effort the flow was stopped.

The wall rising up in the sky, many men did in there die.
Then the wall was complete, many admired this wonderful feat.
But now another problem came, that was to try and save the game.
Trapped by the water rising up, using every boat and tub.
Operation Noah was in full stride, to save every animals hide.
When at last the job was done, there was a beautiful lake in the sun.

Written by Pete Barlow 20/12/2000
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