Fifteen years given to the war, If they'd asked we'd have given more.
Through the bush we'd carefully prowl, Not prepared to throw in the towel.
Contacts happened fleating fast, But in the mind twas hours thay'd last.
Laying sweating in the sun, The constant bouncing of the gun.
The whining zapping returned firepower, Two minutes felt like an hour.
Charging forward into the fray, Who would see out this day.

Cleaning up when all was still, Push the body beyond it's will.
All is happening in a daze, The mind not in a real time faze.
Your buddies got the nervious shakes, Mind aware of the real stakes.
Comfort him as you move on, Soon the sun will be gone.
Evening chill is mostly fear, Pleased to have your buddies near.
A quick meal is just the thing, To ambush you now move in.

Night hours pass so slow, will it happen you'd like to know.
So suddenly the quiet is shattered, Claymores worked is all that mattered.
Flares go off to light the ground, Cant really hear the stacatto sound.
T'is now over all is still, Ears straining against their will.
Now each minute goes so slow, Till the early morning glow.
Time to move the other way, Repeat the task another day.

Hope there's no funeral to attend, when will all this madness end.
But now it's time for R&R, Kids ask Mom who you are.
Time to relax you're now at home, Holding your wife and not the phone.
How do you let all the tension out, Risk is that you'll scream and shout.
But this is why you fight this war, To have a home your loved ones for.
For a Rhodesian life we hope to hold, T'is what makes her people bold.

In the end we leave our home, People far and wide to roam.
To start again in some strange land, The change too great to make a stand.
We thought the British mad I guess, But in hindsight have to confess.
Rhodesians we will stay one and all, T alk of back home till we fall.
We'll make the best of what we've got, I offer as a passing shot.
Had we all stayed to make it work, Could maybe still be best home on earth.

Written by Pete Barlow 26/11/00
Email : Pete Barlow