The Pine Forest

The visual effect is a radical change, you do in fact feel quite strange.
From the burning sun you've entered in, to little light green and dim.
Although this forest is manmade, it is the trees that create the shade.
Reaching high up in the sky, the lower foliage will whither and die.

The scent is strong in this glade, all is damp in the shade.
Needles thick on the ground, when you walk there's not a sound.
Sharp acidic scent of pine, fills your lungs and your mind.
All the air is filtered clean, in this fresh forest scene.

External sounds don't enter there, as you walk along without a care.
Absolute quiet there seems to be, another world completely free.
The echoing hoot of an owl, the chitter chatter of wild fowl.
The grunting of a forest frog, sitting watching from a log.

It's a bit beyond ones ability, to explain this beautiful serenity.
This is something you have to feel, in this place that's not quite real.
Your feelings make you want to stay, in this place more than one day.
When you leave you vow to return, cos the forest will in you yearn.


Written by Pete Barlow 27/01/2001
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