Few could understand, why we made a stand.
For Rhodesia great, was left to her fate.
She tried to share, power with rationales there.
Deceived by the west, in her fairness quest.

The very thing we feared, has its ugly head reared.
For now a dictator rules, supported by his fools.
This control by fear, will cost the country dear.
No respect for the law, will ruin her for sure.

The flame will always burn, that stability will return.
To this beautiful land, with people so grand.
But the present racist hate, will the land relegate.
To widespread poverty, throughout the country.

Will the good people made a stand, against this dictator's band.
And free this wonderful land, from this tyrant's hand.
Is the flame strong enough, that the people get tough?
And act as one voice, when all can rejoice.

Written by Pete Barlow 12/01/2001
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