The Bay

Getting there is half the bind
The other half four wheels must wind
Three beautiful lakes in a line
Fishing's good the water's fine
River feeds them from the land
Grassed dunes of pure white sand

Gully's thick with coastal scrub
Basins with water like a tub
Rivers lined with big tall trees
Ferns swaying in the breeze
Water tumbling over stone
The tranquillity being alone

The local people live in peace
The search for food will never cease
Far away from the city strife
They live a fairly simple life
A grass roof to cover their head
Something soft to form a bed

Whilst nothing will really stay the same
A place like this can keep you sane
With a weekend break to the bay
Will make you wish you could stay
Back in the cities daily grind
Kosi bay will be on your mind

Written by Pete Barlow 23/06/2000
Email : Pete Barlow